Digital Production Center

The Digital Production Center creates digital captures of  unique, valuable, or compelling primary resources for the purpose of preservation, access, and publication.  While we focus our efforts on collections held by Duke University Libraries, we have worked with materials provided by a wide range of partners on the Duke campus and beyond.

Our operating principle is to achieve consistent results of a measurable quality. We plan and perform our work in a structured and scalable way, so that our results are predictable and repeatable, and our digital collections are uniform.

We collaborate with colleagues at other colleges, universities, and research libraries to share best practices and create consistency among institutions. We also participate in tours, consulting, equipment maintenance, professional training, student training, consulting with other staff on their own digitization requests.

We exist for the benefit of the students, faculty, and staff.  The content we create is used in an ever-widening range of digital collections, research, teaching and learning.