The Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communications works with the Duke community in the following areas:

  • Advising members on legal, technical, copyright and publishing issues
  • Answering questions about how to best publish and share scholarship
  • Promoting new models of scholarly communication based on changing technologies and practices, including open access publishing and innovative communications platforms
  • Advocating on behalf of Duke and the scholarly community through involvement in national initiatives on copyright and scholarly communications

Learn more about how we can help you with the copyright and scholarly communication issues that matter to you:

More about Scholarly Communication in Universities

Rapid technological changes during the past decade have made navigating scholarly communications more complex.

As consumers of intellectual property, students and faculty have far more opportunities to use, modify and distribute the texts, images, sounds and video via the Web, online journals, and open access platforms. At the same time, copyright and privacy law restrictions and the growing diversity of new platforms make it more difficult for authors to maximize the reach of their original works. The study of scholary communication explores how universities can best protect the ownership and integrity of an author's intellectual property while also sharing it in ways that are most beneficial to the author and the scholarly community. Learn more about scholarly communications from the Association of College and Research Libraries