Robert Byrd
Associate University Librarian for Collections and User Services

104 Perkins
Box 90193
Durham, NC  27708-0193
Phone: 919-660-5821
Holly Ackerman, Ph.D.Librarian for Latin American, Iberian and Latino/a Studies+1-919-660-5845
Leeda AdkinsMonographic Receipts Management Specialist+1-919-668-0934
Tedd AndersonConservation Technician+1-919-660-5906
Rachel ArielLibrarian for Jewish Studies+1-919-660-5842
Winston AtkinsPreservation Officer+1-919-660-5843
Joseph L. BaileyLibrary Assistant for Stacks Maintenance and Retrieval+1-919-660-5873
Judith BaileyCollections Coordinator+1-919-660-5960
Faye BennettPeriodicals Receipts Librarian+1-919-660-6938
Tzvetan BenovEvening Service Desk Assistant+1-919-660-5873
Elaine BerryElectronic Resources Management Associate+1-919-660-6939
Russ BesanconReserves Coordinator+1-919-660-5887
Sara BiondiOrder and Receipts Specialist for Japanese and Korean Language Materials+1-919-668-7673
Jane BloemekeOrder and Receipts Specialist For Audio/Visual and Music+1-919-668-7668
Greta BoersLibrarian for Linguistics & Classical Studies+1-919-660-5864
Michelle BowditchHoldings Assistant, Sr. +1-919-660-5867
Candice BrownMaterials Management Assistant+1-919-660-5877
Nathaniel BrownLilly Library Media and Reserves Coordinator+1-919-660-5954
Patricia CanovaiElectronic Resources Management Associate +1-919-660-5977 
Kyle CarswellDocument Delivery Assistant, Senior+1-919-660-5883
Corrina CarterCoordinator, Shelf-Preparation Section+1-919-660-5910 
Holly ChangTeam Lead, Holdings Management+1-919-660-5851
Joyce ChapmanAssessment Coordinator+1-919-660-5889
Marta Conde RinconCatalog Librarian for French, Italian, and Digital Collections Resources+1-919-660-5901
Thomas CrichlowUser Experience Developer & Project Manager+1-919-660-6932
Lauren CrowellSenior Library Assistant, Lilly+1-919-660-5921
Emily DalyHead, Assessment & User Experience Department; Librarian for Education+1-919-660-5879
Linda DanielHead, Social Sciences Section; Librarian for Sociology and Cultural Anthropology+1-919-660-5927
Ryan DennistonLibrarian for Public Policy and Political Science+1-919-660-5876
Beverly DowdyHead, Serials and Retention Management+1-919-613-5185
Beth DoyleLeona B. Carpenter Senior Conservator and Head, Conservation Services Department+1-919-660-5985
Kim DuckettHead, Research and Instructional Services+1-919-660-5928
Bobbi EarpCirculation Services Supervisor+1-919-660-5874
Fouzia El GargouriOrder and Receipts Specialist for Arabic Language Materials+1-919-668-2945
Shawn ElderStacks Maintenance Assistant+1-919-660-5873
Elena FeinsteinLibrarian for Chemistry and Biological Sciences +1-919-660-1578
Debra FieldsContinuing Resource Acquisitions Specialist+1-919-668-2955
Stephanie FordEvening Research Services Librarian+1-919-660-5876 
Stephen GoransonStacks Maintenance Assistant+1-919-660-5870
Sarah GriffinPublic Services Coordinator+1-919-660-6937
Jean HallMonographic Receipts Management Assistant+1-919-668-2924 
Erin HammekeSenior Conservator +1-919-660-5906
William Hanley IIIElectronic Resources Management Associate+1-919-668-4748
Arianne Hartsell-GundyHead, Humanities Section and Librarian for Literature and Theater Studies+1-919-660-5881
Ciara HealyLibrarian for Psychology and Neuroscience+1-919-660-5829
Henry HebertConservator for Special Collections+1-919-660-5906
Sonya HinsdaleMicroforms & Reserves Assistant+1-919-681-8661
Dracine HodgesHead, Technical Services+1-919-660-6944
Carson HollowayLibrarian for History of Science and Technology, Military History, British and Irish Studies, Canadian Studies and General History+1-919-660-5997
Mandy HurtCatalog Librarian for Serials+1-919-668-6484
Diana JonesDocument Delivery Assistant+1-919-660-5942
Ira KingEvening Reference Librarian and Supervisor, Lilly Library+1-919-660-9465
Jeff KosokoffHead, Collection Strategy and Development+1-919-660-7892
Miree KuKorean Studies Librarian+1-919-660-5817
Robin LapashaOrder and Receipts Specialist for Slavic Language Materials+1-919-668-7675
Kelley LawtonHead, East Campus Libraries and Subject Librarian for United States History+1-919-660-5990
Catherine LeonardiCatalog Librarian for Music & Other Non-Book Resources+1-919-668-3680
Andrea LoigmanHead, Access and Delivery Services+1-919-660-5872
Vickie LongHoldings Management Assistant, Senior+1-919-668-3683
Lesley LooperHead, Monographic Receipts Management Section+1-919-660-6935
Rachel LundbergCatalog Librarian for Serials+1-919-684-9211
Phillip MacDonaldFrank Clyde Brown Audio Preservation Intern+1-919-660-5843
Heidi Madden, Ph.D.Librarian for Western European and Medieval Renaissance Studies+1-919-660-5984
Antha MarshallMonographic Receipts Management Assistant+1-919-668-0698
Virginia MartinElectronics Resources Acquisitions Coordinator+1-919-660-6949
Daniel Maxwell MaxwellShelf Preparation Assistant+1-919-668-0298
Ellen MaxwellLibrary Original Cataloger for Monographic Resources+1-919-668-2665
Deirdre McCulloughCollection Development Associate+1-919-660-5917
Seth McCurdyStacks Maintenance Supervisor+1-919-660-5873
Liz Milewicz, Ph.D.Head, Digital Scholarship Services+1-919-660-5911
Janil MillerLibrarian for Marine Science and Coordinator, Pearse Memorial Library at Duke Marine Laboratory+1-252-504-7510
Richard MurrayCatalog Librarian for Spanish & Portuguese Languages and Rare Books+1-919-660-5857
Erin NettifeeCoordinator, Access and Library Services+1-919-660-8458
Danette PachtnerLibrarian for Film, Video, & Digital Media and Women's Studies+1-919-660-5886
Theodore ParkerSection Head, Document Delivery Services +1-919-660-5883
Rachel PennimanSenior Conservation Technician+1-919-660-5906
Emily PooleLibrary Holdings Management Assistant, Sr. +1-919-660-5902
Edward ProctorLibrarian for South and Southeast Asia+1-919-660-5841
Linda PurnellDocument Delivery Services Coordinator+1-919-660-5890
Rosalyn RaefordHead, Resource Description+1-919-660-5892
Hannah RozearLibrarian for Instructional Services+1-919-660-5368
Jacquie SamplesHead, Metadata and Discovery Strategy+1-919-660-5965
Will ShawDigital Humanities Technology Consultant+1-919-660-5920
Yaoli ShiOrder and Receipts Specialist for Chinese Language Materials+1-919-660-5897
Teresa SikoraOrder and Receipts Specialist for Western Languages+1-919-668-7671
Chris SmithMiddle East Order and Receipts Specialist+1-919-660-5903
Matthew SnyderStacks and Photocopy Assistant+1-919-660-5870
Natalie SommervilleHead, Monographic Cataloging Section +1-919-668-3681
Lee SorensenLibrarian for Visual Studies and Dance, Lilly Library+1-919-660-5994
Betsy SorrellShelf Preparation Assistant, Sr.+1-919-668-0283
Melanie SturgeonLibrarian for Engineering, Physics and Computer Science +1-919-660-5815
Sean SwanickLibrarian for Middle East and Islamic Studies+1-919-660-5850
Debra TaylorPeriodicals Receipt Assistant+1-919-668-6216
Michael TerrellILL Lending Assistant+1-919-660-5891
Carol TerryLilly Library Collection Services, Communications & Social Media Coordinator+1-919-660-5993
Cheryl ThomasLibrarian for Philosophy and French Canadian Literature+1-919-660-5814
Mark ThomasGIS & Map Librarian+1-919-660-5853
Nanako ThomasCatalog Librarian for Japanese Language Resources+1-919-668-3145 
Annette TilleryOvernight Circulation Desk Assistant+1-919-660-5870
Shelby TilleyOrder and Invoicing Specialist for Western Languages+1-919-660-5909
Kristina Troost, Ph.D.Head of International Area Studies and Japanese Studies Librarian+1-919-660-5844
Amy TurnerLibrary Original Cataloger for Monographic Resources+1-919-000-0000
Bill VernerSection Head, Order Management+1-919-660-5908
Yunyi WangLilly Library Access and Delivery Services Manager+1-919-660-5991
Cheryl WilkinsDocument Delivery Assistant, Senior+1-919-660-8461
Laura WilliamsMusic Librarian+1-919-660-5952
Brittany WoffordCoordinator for The Edge and Librarian for Research & Instructional Services+1-919-660-5878
Mary YordySenior Conservation Technician +1-919-660-5906
Luo ZhouChinese Studies Librarian+1-919-660-5803
Ernest Zitser, Ph.D.Librarian for Slavic, Eurasian, and Eastern European Studies+1-919-660-5847