Quick Pic: When Life Gives You Watermarks

Preservation Underground - Fri, 2017-05-05 17:45

I’m always amazed at what our library collections hold. This absolute gem of a book came to the lab for repair from the general collections,  Watermarks In Paper in Holland, England, France, etc., by William Algernon Churchill (reprint of 1st edition; 1967).

Aren’t these watermarks terrific? I love the elephants with their trunks coming out of the top of their heads.

from rags to riches to ragsFlyleaf watermark of two elephants on either side of an elaborate letter R1786, Map engraved in Amsterdam, w/m of Adriaan Rogge. watermark of a beehive with four bees flying around, centered inside a wreath of flowers1683-1902 [C & I Honig]

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The geochemistry of naturally occurring methane and saline groundwater in an area of unconventional shale gas development

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