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Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall

The Berliner Philharmoniker's Digital Concert Hall video streams classical music concerts to your tablet, smartphone, smartTV or PC. The sound quality is similar to that of a CD and the picture quality similar to HD television.

Jan 31, 2016
China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database

'Pishu' (皮书, which literally means ‘cover-books’) are high-value analytical reports intended to guide policymaking in the People’s Republic of China. Pishu are published by the prestigious Social Sciences Academic Press, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. These reports feature exclusive research and analysis by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and authors from similar institutions, and present objective analysis versus official government messaging on strategic issues. In China, Pishu are consumed by think tanks and top policymakers.

Dec 21, 2015
Classical Scores Library, Volumes III and IV

This is a database of online study scores. The focus of volumes III and IV is on music of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Dec 23, 2015
Dictionnaire d'histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques
Dec 14, 2015
Digitalia Film Library

700 movies. Digitalia presents its "film on stream" service for Libraries with the best cinema and documentary collections. A wide range of quality cinema to watch instantly at your library.

Dec 18, 2015
Food Studies Online

Food Studies Online is the first database offering in one place the most relevant and valuable materials in this new and exciting area. It will include works about how food shapes and defines people's lives through the eyes of philosophers, historians, scientists, sociologists, artists, anthropologists, activists, physicists, psychologists, chefs, and many other important researchers. It provides researchers rich archival content, visual ephemera, monographs, and videos that explore how food shapes the world around us.

Dec 23, 2015