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Fall 2016 DVS Workshop Series

Wed, 08/24/2016 - 15:18

Data and Visualization Services is happy to announce its Fall 2016 Workshop Series. Learn new ways of enhancing your research with a wide range of data driven research methods, data tools, and data sources.

Can’t attend a session?  We record and share most of our workshops online.  We are also happy to consult on any of the topics above in person.  We look forward to seeing you in the workshops, in the library, or online!

Data Sources Web Scraping and Gathering Data from Websites (Sep 27)   Data Cleaning and Analysis OpenRefine: Data/Text Cleaning, Mining and Transformations (Sep 9) Regular Expressions (Sep 26)    Data Analysis Introduction to Stata (Two sessions: Sep 21, Oct 18) Introduction to R: Data Transformations, Analysis, and Data Structures (Sep 13)
  Mapping and GIS Introduction to ArcGIS (Two sessions: Sep 14, Oct 13) Introduction to QGIS (Sep 29) ArcGIS Online (Oct 17)   Data Visualization Data Visualization with Excel (Sep 19) Designing Academic Figures and Posters (Sep 20)
Making Data Visual (Sep 29)
Advanced Tableau (Data Structures) (Oct 5)
Graphic Design for Conceptual Diagrams (Oct 7) Adobe Illustrator for Diagrams and Visualizations (Oct 14)

Visualizing Qualitative Data (Oct 19)
Visualizing Basic Survey Data in Tableau – Likert Scales (Nov 10)

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