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    This document was written/produced by E. C. Allen of Augusta, Maine and he describes various products which could be sold for profit by "any man, woman or boy," (as agents) including "National Washing Compound" and "A Pure Vegetable Salve" which costs 25 cents a box but only costs about 3 cents a box to make. Allen states he can furnish readers with the "Horse Tamer's Secrets" for a price, which buyers can in turn sell to others. He does offer refunds. Page two includes a list articles that can be sold and the cost to agents per gross as well as more salesmanship from Allen. Also included are letters written by individuals to Allen which say things like "Your recipes came to hand all right and they are just the things I wanted."
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    This item is in the public domain. Duke University Libraries kindly requests that any use of the item is properly cited.
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