The Enterprising Housekeeper: Suggestions for Breakfast, Luncheon, and Supper


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    Illustrations of each Enterprise appliance; by Helen Louise Johnson. CK0007-13 and CK0007-14 are of an insert about a food grinder. Images of selected pages from this item are available. Searchable text is only available for the title page, index, and/or contents pages. Chapter headings: Preface - Preface (cont.); Sad Irons - Introduction; Sad Irons (cont.) - Introduction (cont.); Breakfast - Luncheon; Supper; Coffee - Coffee Mills - Coffee; Eggs - Eggs (cont.); Meat Chopper - Meat Chopper (cont.) - Cherry Stoner; Desserts - Food Chopper Insert - Food Chopper Insert (p.2) - Desserts (cont.) - Desserts (cont.); Raisin and Grape Seeder - Pastry - Fruit, Wine and Jelly Press; Fruit Beverages - Beverages (cont.); Ice Shredder - Jellies and Relishes - Spice Mills; Suggestions for Breakfast and Luncheon - Breakfast Menus; Suggestions (cont.) - Luncheon and Supper Menus - Meat Juice Extractor; Broths and Juices - Juices (cont.); The Care of Utensils - Suggestions; New Slaw Cutter; Grater - Back Cover.
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