Watkins: 50th Anniversary Almanac Home Doctor and Cook Book


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    Astronomical calculations; zodiac signs and constellations; planetary and lunar positions, visibility, and stories (vague astronomy); eclipses; weather signs, forecasts; calendar events; astrology; planting, harvesting times; veterinary remedies, etc. Images of selected pages from this item are available. Searchable text is only available for the title page, index, and/or contents pages. Chapter headings: Gathering the Materials and Manufacturing the Product - Distributing the Goods and Keeping up the High Quality - The Watkins Man and Satisfied Watkins Customers - Veterinary Remedies and Toilet Articles - Pure Grounds Spices and Flavoring Extracts - Cooking Suggestions and Meats - Bread and Vegetables - Poultry and Game and Salads - Cakes and Sandwiches and Sundries - Frozen Desserts and Pies and Puddings - Candies and Preserves and Pickles - Appetizing Dishes for the Sickroom and The Home Doctor - Fifty Years Progress; Banking by Mail - Accounts with the Watkins Man; Images of Branch Offices.
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