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    hard-back; tested and approved by Miss Verna L. Miller (Home Economist, Frigidaire Corp.), assistance given by Jessie M. DeBoth, A. B. (Director, DeBoth Home Makers' Schools), Alice L. McCarren (Director, Home Ec. Division, Westinghouse Electric and Mfg. Co.). Images of selected pages from this item are available. Searchable text is only available for the title page, index, and/or contents pages. Chapter headings: Foreword - Frigidaire and the Modern Home - Frigidaire Experimental Kitchen - Exp. Kitchen (cont.); Frigidaire Cold Control - Cold Control (cont.); Methods for Setting Cold Control - Methods of Freezing Desserts; Hints on Practical Dessert Making - Hints (cont.); Ice Cream - Preserved Fruits - Salads for All Occasions - Salads (cont.); Beverages - Left-Overs - Manifold Uses of Frigidaire - Index.
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