A Friend in Need: Facts Worth Knowing about Cow Brand Baking Soda as a Proven Medical Agent


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    Assorted medicinal uses of bicarbonate of soda (babies, headaches, colds, insect bites, etc.). Images of each page from this item are available. Searchable text is only available for the title page, index, and/or contents pages. Chapter headings: Foreword - A Friend in Need - Friend (cont.); Bicarbonate of Soda as a Therapeutic Agent - Bicarbonate (cont.); Tested Household Remedies - Acidity; Baby's Bath; Baby's Bottle; Bath - Colds; Dentifrice - Colds and Influenza; Corns and Bunions; Dyspepsia or Heartburn; Eczema - Headache (sick); Hiccough; Hives; Hyperacidity; Indigestion; Insect Bites; Intestinal Diseases - Itching; Ivy poisoning; Leucorrhoea (whites); Lumbago; Mouth Wash; Rheumatism - Scalds or Burns; Skin; Sour Stomach; Sunburn; Toothache; Teeth, To Preserve the Enamel of - Care of the Teeth; Laxative; Colic - Back Cover.
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