A Mother's Manual


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    First aid, parenting tips, health and nutrition, vitamins, tables of "right height and weight" for boys and girls. Illustrations of mother with children. Images of each page from this item are available. Searchable text is only available for the title page, index, and/or contents pages. Chapter headings: Interesting Breakfast Suggestions / Make Breakfast Interesting - Vitamins - Iron; Normal Development of Babies - Development (cont.); First Aid at Home - Weight and Height - Colds; Common Children's Diseases - Interest Children and Family - Seventeen Interesting Menus - Ralston; Whole Wheat - Mapl-Flake - Ry-Krisp - New Oata - Waffles! Waffles! - Checkr-Corn; New Treats - More intersting ways to Serve Ralston; Packages - Back Cover.
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