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    Book offers a large section of "Ready-Made Ads for Busy Merchants" that can be ordered by liquor stores. Images of selected pages from this item are available. Searchable text is only available for the title page, index, and/or contents pages. Chapter headings: Advertising a Liquor Store - Ad: It Will Do you Good.....No. 1034 - Ad: The Things You See.....No. 1035 - Ad: It's Hard Work.....No. 1132 - Ad: Turn Over A New Leaf.....No. 1150 - Ad: The Bible Says.....No. 1151 - Ad: Sprightly People.....No. 1175 - Ad: World-Renowned.....No. 1303 - Ad: The Picture Of Health.....No. 1418 - Ad: The New Woman.....No. 1509 - Ad: Dewey Did It.....No. 1782 - Ad: Get Rich.....No. 3005 - Ad: Carried To Safety.....No. 3015 - Ad: Don't Forget Us.....No. 3030 - Ad: There's As Much Difference.....No. 3032 - Ad: Easter Cheer.....No. 3037 - Ad: Surprise Your Husband.....No. 3094 - Ad: High Livers.....No. 7102 - Ad: Night Caps.....No. 7119 - Ad: There's is no Use in Preaching.....No. 9578 - Ad: In Puritan Times.....No. 9588 - Catch-Lines and Headings.
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