Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Now?


Words by C. G. Streval.

Answer to Who Will Care For Mother Now?

Quell, oh! quell your fears, my darling;
Think not of your Mother, child;
Though I never cease my weeping,
Though my thoughts are fierce and wild,
I will try to bear up nobly,
To God’s decree humbly bow,
If you’ll only cease your asking:
Who will care for Mother now?

When you cross the river Jordan,
Let not anxious thoughts arise:
I am coming, coming after,
Angels bear me to the skies..
Let no thoughts of coming sorrow
Cloud your placid, peaceful brow;
You can confidently answer:
God will care for Mother now!

Oh! when in death those eyelids close,
When they bear thee to the tomb:
When life’s arduous work is done:
When your maker calls you home:
And when again to dust you turn,
When in Heaven rise again:
There, where no earthly sorrows come:
God will guard your Mother then.

H. DE MARSAN , Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

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