The Battle Eve


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, Songs, Ballads, toy books, paper dolls, small playing cards, motto verses, &c. 54 Chatham St. N. Y.


To-morrow comrade, we
On the Battle plain must be:
There to conquer, or both lie low,—
The morning Star is up,
But there’s wine still in the cup,
And we’ll take another quaff ere we go, boy, we go;
We’ll take another quaff ere we go

’Tis true, in manliest eyes,
A passing tear will rise,
When we think of the friends we leave alone;
But what can wailing do?
See our goblet’s weeping, too:
With its tears we’ll chase away our own, boy, our own;
With its tears we’ll chase away our

But daylight’s stealing on:
The last, that o’er us shone,
Saw our children around us play;
The next.. ah! where shall we
And those rosy urchins be?
But, no matter, grasp your gun, and away, boy, away;
No matter, grasp thy gun, and away.

Let those who’d home remain,
And wear the rebel chain,
Ignobly by their fire-side stay
One sign to home be given..
One heart-felt prayer to Heaven..
For the Union and its cause, boy, hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!
For the Union and its cause, boy, hurrah!

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