Chivalrous C.S.A!


Chivalrous C. S. A!

I’ll sing you a song of the South’s sunny clime,
Chivalrous C. S. A!
Which went to house-keeping once on a time;
Bully for C. S. A!
Like heroes and princes they’ve lived for a while,
Chivalrous C. S. A!
And routed the Hessians in most gallant style,
Bully for C. S. A!

They have a bold leader, Jeff Davis his name,
Chivalrous C. S. A!
Good generals and soldiers all anxious for fame;
Bully for C. S. A!
At Manassas they met the North in it’s pride,
Chivalrous C. S. A!
But they easily put McDowell aside,
Bully for C. S. A!

Ministers to England and France it appears,
Have gone from the C. S. A!
Who’ve given the North many fleas in it’s ears,
Bully for C. S. A!
Reminders are being to Washington sent;
By the chivalrous C. S. A!
That’ll force Uncle Abe full soon to repent;
Bully for C. S. A!

Oh! they have the finest of musical ears,
Chivalrous C. S. A!
Yankee Doodle’s too vulgar for them it appears,
Bully for C. S. A!
The North may sing it and whistle it still,
Miserable U. S. A!
Three cheers for the South!—now boys with a will;
And groans for the U. S. A!

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