Dear Mother, I've Come Home to Die.


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street. New-York.

Dear Mother, I’ve Come Home To Die.

Dear Mother, I remember well
The parting kiss you gave to me,
When merry rang the village bell;
My heart was full of joy and glee;
I did not dream that one short year
Would crush the hopes that soar’d so high I
Oh! Mother dear, draw near to me,
Dear Mother, I’ve come home to die.

Hark!.. Mother, ‘tis the village bell..
I can no longer with you stay:
My Country calls: to arms! to arms I
The foe advance in fierce array I
The vision’s past.. I feel that now
For Country I can only sigh;
Oh I Mother dear, draw near to me.
Dear Mother, I’ve come home to die.

Dear Mother, Sister, Brother, all.
One parting kiss.. to all: Good-bye I
Weep not! but clasp your hand in mine,
And let me like a Soldier die!
I’ve met the foe upon the field,
Where kindred fiercely did defy..
I fought for Eight.. God bless the Flag!
Dear Mother, I’ve some home to die!..

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