Freedom's Guide


J, WRIGLEY, Publisher, of Songs, Ballad’s and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and Small Playing Cards, Alphabet Wood Blocks, Valentines, Motto Verses, and Cut Motto Paper &c. No. 27 Chatham Street (OPPOSITE CITY HALL PARK) NEW YORK.

Freedom’s Guide.

Our country is now great and free,
And thus forever it shall be;
Repeat.—We know the way,—we know the way,
Though southern foes may gather here,
We will protect what we hold dear
We know the way, etc.

The south shall see that we are true,
And that we know a thing or two;
We know the way, etc.
As Yankee hoys we are at hand,
Our countless throng shall fill their land,
We know the way, etc.

From east to west from north to south,
We will send our mighty legions fourth
We know the way, etc.
The freedom that our father’s won,
Shall be defended by each son.
We know the way, etc.

Then shout, Then shout o’er hill and plain,
We will our country’s rights mantain;
We know the way, etc.
We will always guard it with our might,
And keep steadfast in the right
We know the way, etc.

Old Jeff he now begins to lag.
He knows that we will stand by our flag.
We know the way, etc.
With Scott to guide us in the right,
We will show them how the 69th regt fight.
We know the way, etc.

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