Happy Land of Canaan No. 6


Happy Land of Canaan.

I am almost ninety-nine; I remember well the time
Our Country was invaded by the Britons;
But one of Nature’s noble sons, Brave General Washington,
Made them git from our happy Land of Cannan.

I will mention, in my rhyme, down to the present tinme,
Brothers against one another am a training;
The Union split in two, there is nothing else to do,
But to fight for our happy Land of Cannan.

Jeff Davis and Beauregard have been trying mighty hard
To bring the North down, so they could reign in;
But they had better pull up stakes and travel for Salt-Lake;
For, we can spare them from our happy Land of Cannan.

Abe Lincoln took the chair: now, Secessionists, beware!
Deal fairly by all Sections of the Union . .
And, if we ever spot them pulling cards from off the bottom,
We will rail-ride them from the happy Land of Cannan.

Colonel Ellsworth, you all know, he was a resident of Chicago;
At the head of the Zouaves he was reigning;
He was cruelly murdered here, and revenged he will be dear!
He was a favourite in our happy Land of Cannan.

Senator Douglas has passed away, the greatest Statesman of the day;
In a better, happier land he is reigning:
That he may look from on high, and see our Union-Colors fly!. . .
And send blessings to our happy Land of Cannan!

Now things look mighty dark, and our good old Union-bark
On the breakers of Secession am a straining;
Our Flag it waves on high; we will keep it there or die;
Lord bless our happy Land of Cannan!

Now, up with the Strips and Stars, and down with Civil wars!. . .
Let the Scream of our Eagle still be: UNION!
God bless the whole Caboodle: Hail Columbia and Yankee Doodle!
Hip, hurrah for our happy Land of Cannan!

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