How Are You Conscript?


Johnson, Song Publisher, No 7 N. 10th St., Phila.

How are You Conscript?

The wheel is turning round, boys
Hurra now for the jam;
How are you, conscripts, hurry up!
To fight for Uncle Sam;
Come up, Bob, don’t stand there shaking,
Take your musket, shoulder arms!
Stand in Line with Larry Brady,
Who now cares for war’s alarms?

Hark! the drum is rolling,
The rebs you soon will see,
And pop them off like pigeons,
What glorious fun ’twill be!
Put away that dirty wiper,
What a time to wipe your eye!
Hold your head up, courage, conscript,
Soldiers never fear to die!

Shoulder arms now, conscripts,
Blackguard—what’s your name?
Terence Darby—blood an’ ouns!
How Paddy jumps for fame!
Frenchmen, Scotchmen, all press forward,
O mein got! here mynheer comes!
Blow the bugle, split the trumpet,
Shout hosannas! pelt the drums.

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