Hunkey Boy is Yankee Doodle


Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. 10th St., Phila.

Hunkey Boy is Yankee Dodle, or, Whack Row De Dow.

Now white folks all, both great and small, come listen to my song,
I hope that it will please you, and I won’t detain you long;
’Tis of our Flag, the nation’s brag—the Union and the Constitution,
For the Stars and Stripes shall wave ’till the day of dissolution.

Beauregard the traitor’s way down South with his rebel crew,
He swears he’ll make out Northern boys nip up de dooden doo;
We’ll have no more Bull’s Run affairs, where the chivalry sent we did knock under,
For Grant and Buell, two Hunkey boys, are now giving the rebels thunder.

There’s the gallant 69th, who never stop at trifles,
And the bully boys, the Fire Zouaves, with their little Minnie rifles;
And that’s not all, at duty’s call, the Massachusetts boys so handy,
Will show the Southern rebels that no fool is Yankee Doodle Dandy.

In speaking of the Fire Zouaves, reminds me of a fact,
They never did do things by halves or take the backward track;
For at the battle of Ball’s Run they fought their way so bravely,
They did lay low, to trap the foe—how are you Black Horse Cavalry?

There’s the Burnside Expedition, it is the nation’s pride,
For it has lately struck a blow, which cannot be denied;
For by surprise took Jennings Wise—nothing could be finer,
They took Roanoke and Wilmington—How are you North Carolina?

There’s the gallant Major Thomas, he is a man of pluck,
He lately gave the rebels fits, way out in old Kentuck;
At Somerset the foe we met, and battle they did offer,
When Colonel Fry he winked his eye, and down came zollikoffer.

The other day, on Chestnut Street, was seen a glorious sight.
It was a Southern Union man was using all his might,
To punish traitors great and small and stop this cursed Rebellion,
He was in jail, but is out on bail, and goes in for the Union.

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