Maryland, My Home


Maryland, my Home.

Come listen while I sing to you
Of Maryland, my Maryland;
And tell me who are false, or true,
To Maryland, my Maryland.
Her heart is sore, she feign would flee
And labor with her sister V.,
She panteth hard for liberty,
Maryland, my Mary land.

O where’s the heart that cannot feel
For Maryland, my Maryland?
Or would not draw the sword of steel
For Maryland, my Maryland?
She shrieks, she crys help! back my foe!
I’d with my southern sisters go,
And be with them through weal or woe!
Thus cries my dear old Maryland.

Her head is bowed; her arms are tied;
Maryland, my Maryland,
O look upon my home, my pride!
Maryland, my Maryland.
She pleads for aid; O send it now,
And to the dust these cowards bow,
And place a crown upon the brow
Of Maryland, my Maryland.

Thy sons are true, thy sons are brave,
Maryland, my Maryland:
They’d die their mother’s name to save,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Her friends of yore she’s not forgot—
She hallows every sacred spot;
She’d weep to have e’en one dark blot,
Rest on their blood-bought Maryland.

She will throw off this iron yoke,
Maryland, my Maryland;
These hateful chains she will not brook,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Her sisters South their love is sure,
They’ll send their sons to Baltimore,
And they will help unbar the door,
Maryland, my Maryland.

The day will come when she’ll be free;
Maryland, my Maryland;
When tyrants will before her flee,
Maryland, my Maryland.
List, list ye braves, the Southerners come,
Hark to the bugle, fife, and drum!
O they’ll release my long loved home,
Maryland, my Maryland.

Honor to the brave, and bold,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Who’ll lose the despots iron hold
On Maryland, my Maryland!
Huzzas for Jeff and Beauregard!
They’re the sons who labor hard,
And they’ll receive their just reward,
Maryland, my Maryland.

They’ll spurn the tyrants who invade
Maryland, my Maryland;
Or on our home dare cast a shade,
Maryland, my Maryland!
Their insults we’ll no more endure,
Such as they’ve heaped on Baltimore,
And on our dear old native shore,
Maryland, my Maryland.

They’ll send the wild fanatics home,
Maryland, my Maryland;
From whence they never should have come
Maryland, my Maryland.
There may they all in union live[?]
And send[?]
Maryland, my Maryland.

Thou God of Baltmore[?]
On Maryland, my Maryland[?]
The power O God! alone[?]
To save my home, my Maryland[?]
Hark! Hark! O hark the cannon’s re
Our friends are nearing Baltimore;
Soon, soon my troubles will be o’er,
Maryland, my Maryland.

Then in the dust our knee we’ll bow,
Maryland, my Maryland;
With gratitude carved on our brow,
Maryland, my Maryland.
Our voice to Heaven as one we’ll raise—
With loud amens our God we’ll praise;
For wise, and glorious are His ways,
Maryland, my Maryland.

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