Memories of the Past


H. DE.MARSAN, Publisher 54 Chatham Street, New York

Memories of the Past.

O, MEMORIES of the past! ye come,
With trumpet-blast and roll of drum!
Around me like a bannered host ye are;
I hear the awful signal gun
From Bunker’s height and Lexington—
And Moultrie’s cannon thundering from afar:
O’er every hill, from every glen,
Through every mountain gorge,
I hear the thread of MINUTE MEN!
I hear their mingling battle cries
From Trenton’s glorious field arise,
And sink in Valley forge;
But still a clarion voice goes forth
And cries, amid those wintry snows:
“No East—no West—South—no North
The Revolution knows!”

O, ye immortal and heroic souls,
Whose visioned glory rolls
Triumphant through the storied past! Ye men
Of seventy-six! who wielded sword or pen—
Ye twins of eloquence, whose burning will
First drew the electric flame of freedom forth—
The Southern Henry——Adams of the North;
Ye martyred twins——
The Northern Warren and the Southern Hayne——
O, Ye are with us still!
Your awful phantoms walk the viewless air——
On every wind ye glide,
And cry aloud: Not here, not there!
On every plain our fathers died–—
Their battle-field the Union wide——
No border claims a separate share:
And palsied be the fratricide
Who would our heritage divide!

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