Mother, Is the Battle Over?


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7N.10th St., Philadelphia.

Mother, is the Battle Over?

Mother, is the battle over?
Thousands have been slain, they say.
Is my father coming?—tell me
Have the Rebels gained the day?
Is he well, or is he wounded?
Mother, do you think he’s slain?
If you know, I pray you tell me,
Will my father come again?

Mother, dear, you’re always sighing,
Since you last the paper read:
Tell me, why you now are crying,
Why that cap is on your head?
Ah, I see you cannot tell me,
Father’s one among the slain,
Although he loved us they dearly,
He will never come again.

Yes, my boy, your noble father
Is one numbered with the slain,
We shall not see him more on earth,
But in heaven we’ll meet again.
He died for New England’s glory,
Our day may not be far between,
But I hope at the last moment
That we all shall meet again.

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