New--York 7th Regiment


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New-York 7th Regiment.

Oh, the first from New York was our heroes so bold,
That left their sweet homes to fight for their nation;
Was our brave daring Seventh with one thousand all told
Who so quickly departed to the field as their station;
They went with good will to fight or be killed,
To save our National Capitol or blood from being spilled.
Oh brave Seventh, brave Seventh they deserv’d to be praised
By them that is free, in the home of the brave.

They have gone on to fight and protect their sweet homes
From the cowardly traitors that deserved our Union,
They don’t want to shed blood if avoid it they could,
But they’ll stand for their rights midst the war and
Brave are they that’s gone they’ll go through winds and
We hope they’ll come back as they went from their homes
Oh brave Seventh brave Seventh they deserv’d to be praised
By them that is free, in the home of the brave.

’Tis true for our country they went for to fight,
And offered their service in proud manly manner,
They went for a month or longer to stay,
But soon they got home-sick and had to surrender
I think if they’d stayed a better part they’d played,
But returned, when were wanting and in time of their need
Foolish Seventh, foolish Seventh, your deeds cannot be
By those who have homes, in the land of the Brave.

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