9th New-Jersey


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9th New-Jersey

Ye, Sons of New-Jersey, the Free and the Brave,
Your earnest attention, one moment, I crave;
I speak of your Heroes you nobly have sent,
To whip down the Rebels, and make them repent.

Your Gallant Ninth Regiment, like Heroes of old,
Have faced death and hardships: like Veterans bold,
They waved not, they shrunk not, but gallantly stood
In the face of the Foe, although crimsoned with blood.

They left their bright homes in the Land of their birth,
Their dear, happy Fire-sides, once glowing with mirth;
They fought and they wed, and brave deeds have they done.,
And the Ninth of New-Jersey their Laurels have won!

Roanoke tells of the Ninth New-Jersey Volunteers;
She speaks it so loudly, it reaches all ears..
The Boys of New-Jersey rushed into the fray,
And routed the Rebels, with fear and dismay.

New-Jersey Beloved! Our Own Native Land!
Rejoice with the Ninth, Your Own Gallant Band,
Who suffered and died in their Country’s cause,
In defence of the Union, her Flag, and her Laws!..

Newbern speaks of it in accents so loud..
Of New-Jersey Heroes we justly feel proud!
For, there, in the contest where cannon did rattle,
The Ninth of New-Jersey stood front in the battle.

While bullets flew around them, like hail in a storm,
And death lay, before them, in pale-ghostly form,
Invincible Jersey-men, all, in their might,
Bore down on the Rebels, and put them to flight.

The brave Col. Hickman, beloved and admired,
Cheered on his troops, as with glory inspired:
Onward to Victory! he fearlessly cried,
As his scabbard was shot from the sword, at his side.

Fort Macon comes next to get in a scrape;
She thought she could manage, with shot, shell and grape,
To thin out our ranks, without any delay,
And keep the brave Ninth of New-Jersey at bay.

But her days were numbered, her hopes were all lost;
She entered the field without counting the cost;
She had to submit to the brave Union host,
And Rebeldom, there, had to give up the ghost.

But now, with much sadness, I have to relate
The Ninth of New-Jersey, the Pride of our State,
Have cheerfully died at their Country’s call,
And their numbers, once large, are now fearfully small.

With sadness of heart, the last honors we gave,
While placing them down in the cold, silent grave;
And the few, that is left, will courageously stand,
To die for our Country, when she shall command.

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