Our Country's Flag


Our Country’s Clag.

Beneath the Stars and Stripes there stand
Our sons so nobly brave,
United by a holy hand,
Their courage fears no grave.

Let traitors boast but for a while,
We’ll meet them on the field;
The stars and stripes know naught of
For freedom is our shield. [guile,

We’ll fight to conquer or to die
Our cause is just and right.
“E Pluribus Unum” is our cry——
The Lord with us is might

Rally ye sons, ye noble men!
Buckle the armor on;
Follow your fathers’ footsteps, then
The battle will be won.

O glorious Union, happy land!
We’ll shed our blood for thee,
Thou sacred gift of fathers’ hand,
Thou land of liberty.

We’ll soon disperse our country’s gloom,
We are and will be free;
The curse of God, the traitor’s doom,
Awaits our enemy.

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