U.S.G. A Song for the Times


Orders Supplied at Publisher’s Prices by GEO. P. JENKINS, Agent for Publisher 107 MAIN STREET, Cincinnati, Ohio.


I suppose you have heard of the great Commander,
He’s second to none but Alexander:
He came from the West with the Spangled Banner,
A mudsill, and by his trade a Tanner.

At Donaldson ’mid the wintry weather,
He gave them a smell of Yankee leather;
There Floyd and Buckner caught a fanning,
Their rebel hides was’nt worth the tanning.

Grant marched his men, worn out and jaded,
To Vicksburg, where he was blockaded;
He dug a canal. (none dare dispute him,)
The River would not rise to suit him.

Around the town Grant did assemble,
The “butternuts” did quake and tremble,
Then Pemberton’s rebs. did surrender
To Grant: the Union’s brave defender!

Here’s a health to the pet of the Yankee nation,
The next overseer of Sam’s plantation;
Three cheers for Grant and his men together,
And nine for his sole and upper—leather!

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