Stand by the Union


Stand By The Union.

Fellow citizens and soldiers! I’ve a word or two to say,
There’s no use to dodge the question, or to flout the facts away;
If a man is not a traitor he’ll not fear to show his hand,
And, unless we all are rebels, we must by the Union stand.

When soldiers’ plumes are dyed with blood, the good old hearty red,
We’d better mark the knave who wears white feathers on his head;
While batteries menace Washington, and rebel armies rise,
A coward or a traitor’s he who prates of “compromise.”

The only compromise we’ll make, is at the cannon’s mouth—
The only terms of peace we’ll give, submission by the South;
One only power must rule the land—it can’t be ruled by two,
And we must prove who strongest are—the Traitors or the True!

’Tis ours to meet and measure now the powers of Right and Wrong,
While they are weak with slavery, in Union we are strong:
For all that Washington bequeathed to humankind we fight—
Hurrah! then, for the Union! and may God protect the right!

A. W. AUNER,SONG PUBLISHER, 110 North 10th St., ab., Arch, Philadelphia.

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