Union and Liberty


J. WRIGLEY, Publisher of Songs, Ballad’s, and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and Small Playing Curds, Alphabet Wood Bleeks, Vatentines, Motte Verzes, and Cut [M?] Paper &c. No. 27 Chatham Street, (OPPOSITE CITY HALL PARK) NEW YORK

Union and Liberty.

The UNION, boys, it is our birthright—
For this we fight, for this we fight,
For this we stand;
Its stars are still each freeman’s birthright,
So dearly loved, so dearly loved
In all our land!
And we will still a nation be
For Union and for Liberty—
For Union and Liberty

The land we tread was sealed by martyrs,
Who’ve stood in line, who’ve stood in line
On Freedom’s field;
From ice-bound Maine to Oregon’s waters
There’s not an inch there’s not an inch
Their sons will yield!
Aud we shall still a nation be,
In Union and in Liberty—
For Union and Liberty

’Tis ours to shield our soil from danger,
And keep the flag, and keep the flag
Of stars unfurled;
In Union, boys, lies all our grandeur,
It makes us feared, it makes us feared
Through all the world
And we will, &c.

Let patriots all, in love united,
Like brothers stand, like brothers stand,
Still side by side!
Eternal faith our fathers plighted;
And curse the hand, and curse the hand
That dares divide!
For we will still a nation be, &c.

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