The Union Boys


The Union Boys.

White folks, hold your tongues, listen to my ditty;
I’ m just come from Fort-Monroe, and bring the news to city.
De rebels dey am shaking now, dey know they’ll get a stinging;
For, since McClellan got command, he set them all a singing:

De rebels talk of Bull-Run, and say dey won the battle;
But the Sixty-Ninth and Fire-boys, dey cut up dem ere cattle;
And, tho’ they knew it was a draw, dey say that we was worsted:
But they’ll have to beat an awful crowd, afore de Union’s busted.

Jeff Davis is a puty man, there’s none at blowing louder;
But the soldiers must not shoot him: for, ’twould be a waste of powder;
He ain’t as good as anoder hog, for him there is no caring;
So, first we’ll hang him up to dry, then sell him for manuring.

Chorus: Get back, &c.

Now, we’ve got the rifled cannon, and the patent shot and shell,
And de bully Union volunteers to give the rebels—pison;
They’ll capture Gen. Beauregard, give Floyd a hempen collar,
And take de masked batteries, I’ll bet a half-a-dollar.

De glorious Flag of Liberty the traitors try to sever;
’Twas guv to us by Washington, ’tis bound to float forever:
We’ll meet Secession face to face
We’ ll bury it so awful deep, ’twill never rise again.

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