The Union Forever!


The Union Forever!

For the Union forever,—forever we stand,
Bought by men gallant though few;
Let their praises resound through our beautiful land,
Hurrah for our forefathers true!
Down with each flag that is new!
Raise higher the Red, White and Blue!
The cannon may roar, but the war’s most o’er,
And proud waves the Red, White and Blue!

For the Union forever,—forever we stand,
Heroes now fight fierce and brave—
(For war has fresh kindled his withering brand)
They fight our loved Union to save!
Down with each traitor and slave!
Let our fair banner high wave!
The dark night has past—hope’s morn shines at last,
And bright our true colors do wave!

Oh! “divided we fall, but united we stand,”
Put an end to these terrible wars;
Let the North and the South once more joined in love’s band
Put down the fierce passions of Mars;
Down with the “stars and the bars!”
Up with the Stripes and the Stars!
It is floating once more o’er Columbia’s proud shore,
The glorious Stripes and the Stars!

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