The War is Over Now


H. DE MARSAN. Songs, Ballads, toy books. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

The War is Over Now.

The Cruel war is over; Peace has come again, sirs,
A lasting peace, conquered by the steel of loyal men, sirs.
Our brave boys are returning home to great each wife or lover,
While loyal hearts exultant shout: the Cruel war is over!

When the war was going on, we’d shoddy-cloth contractors,
Who palmed upon the government their rotten manufactures,
And swindling bounty-jumpers, too, who used to live in clover;
But their business is all ended.. the Cruel war is over!

When the war was going on, the young men did complain, sirs,
To their sweet-hearts. how hard it was a wife to maintain, sirs;
The PRICES was enormous, and the draft it made them shiver..
But now they will have no excuse.. the Cruel war is over!

When the war was going on, John Bull did his best, sirs,
To aid the rebels in their cause, though he may now protest, sirs.
He built them pirate-cruisers his colonies gave them cover;
But now we’ll pay him back again.. the Cruel was is over!

Louis Nap he did his best to get up an intervention:
But failing, sent Maximillian, a man of great pretention,
To the peaceful shores of Mexico, an Empire to discover..
But Uncle Sam will drive him out.. the Cruel war is over!

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