We Will Have the Union Still


We will have the Union Still.

Will you listen to my ditty,
I will please you, if I can;
Let us all go in for Union,
As should every Union man.

Go in Abe, we will support you,
While for Uncle Sam you fight;
McClellan brave he will assist you,
And the North, with all her might.

Though the rebels got Fort Sumter,
It was not a battle won;
Did they fight like men and soldiers
When they starved out Anderson?

Though from Bull Run we retreated,
Did they not fight ten to one?
But we will avenge the insult
When we bring back Corcoran.

Let but McClellan command us,
Marching to the battle field,
They shall find we’ll die for freedom,
Ne’er we will to traitors yield.

Then hurrah for those brave fellows
Who have gone forth to the wars!
They’ll return, soon, full of glory,
Waving high our Flag of Stars.

A. W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER , 110 N. 10th St., ab. Arch, Philadelphia.

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