Alabama Waking to the Spirit of Enterprise


Alabama Waking to the Spirit of Enterprize.

The daylight is breaking
The commonwealth’s waking
And soon you will see her in motion;
When—mark you the banter—
She’ll ride you a canter
From mountain top down to the ocean.

Her Rail-road projected,
Her interests protected,
She’ll match all her elderly sisters,
And who gets before her
Must sure be a scorer
Whose feet shall be covered with blisters.

The Rail-road’s the dandy
So nate and so handy
And sleek as a hot knife in butter
You’ll mount on the car, sir,
And shoot like a star, sir,
Without botheration or splutter.

The trav’ler, if lucky
Who sleeps in Kentucky
May reach Tuscaloosa for dinner;
Then come on my honey,
Here’s Pattison for money,
Will feed both the saint and the sinner.

A chap from OH Erin
You’ll niver be fearin’
But he will attend to his duty;
Doubt not of his table
Nor yet of his stable;
An Irishman’s always beauty!

But, as we thus dash on,
Of stables the fashion,
I fancy, will soon have departed.
We’ll travel by steam, sir,
Just like a sun-beam, sir,
That’s yonder before its well started.

Thus forward we’re driving,
Our planters are thriving,
While some are new projects designing;
And here’s our friend Murray,
In a hell of a hurry
To get to the work of gold-mining.

Our new banks are founding
Good money abounding,
And faith, but we’ll cause it to fly, sirs,
And from all ills to cure us
Here comes life insurers,
Who’ll engage that we live till e die, sirs.

Come on in a burry;
Here is——and Murray
Have sworn to put all things in motion;
Attend to their guiding,
And soon you’ll be sliding
From mountain top down to the ocean.

The Irish forever
Are fearless and clever;
All hail! to the land of my mother!
No fate shall e’er wean us
From the island of genius;
For in smooth we’ll ne’er find such another.

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