The Bill-Poster's Dream


J. WRIGLEY. Publisher, of Songs, Ballads, and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and Small Playing Cards, Alphabet Wood Blocks, Valentines, Motto Verses, and Cut Motto Paper &c No. 27 Chathem Street. (OPPOSITE CITY HALL PARK) NEW YORK.

The Bill-Poster’s Dream or Cross Readings

If you walk through the streets of New York city,
You can daily see the subject I have chosen for my ditty;
Upon almost every fence and wall, that you may espy.
Posted tills of every size and shape, is sure to meet your eye.
Standing near a pile of bricks at a building in Broadway,
I sean’d my eyes along the bills, and read them as they lay:
Being posted o’er each other, you know they will read strange
And if you’ll only listen I will tell you how they range.

“Arthemus Ward will give a lecture,” “price fifty cents a box,”
“Use the old Dominion Coffee pot” and “buy your hats of KNOX;”
“You can get five cents a pound for old books” and “Postage stamps
“And Lloyds, war maps and pictures.” agents wanted in the camps,
“For coughs, colds” and “broken chairs, Spauldings prepared glue”
“Palmer’s Artificial legs and arms” just the thing for you;
“For Sing! Sing,—direct” “Horace Greely” and “Ben Wood,”
“The Siamese twin’s at Barnum’s” “Use Drake’s bitters for the blood”

“Now on exhibition, at the” “Rogue’s Gallery,”
“A portrait of Gen. Fremont with his” “Black horse cavalry;”
“Forrest” “the tight rope dancer at” “Niblo’s to-night,”
“Will volunteer” “to Eat a horse” “In the great prize fight.”
“Read Napoleon’s life of Casar” “In this weeks Police Gazette,”
Go to “The Winter Garden” “cheap groceries to get:”
“American Bible society nt the” “Gaities to-night’
“Dr. Chever and” “the Waiter girls” “will address the’ “Drummont light.”

“Highest bounties paid for substitutes” “and gents cast off clothes,”
“Lubins extract of” “Turtle soup” “Bergemot and Rose;”
“At auction sale this day, A. J. Bleecker, auctioneer”
“Forty barrels of Irish” “Lager” and snyders” “whisky” beer.
“For Mayor” “ the Hippopatamus” –Regular Union nomination’
“Five hundred dollars reward for” “the President’s Proclamation”
“Sons of temperance this evening will” “try woolf’s scheldam schnaps’
“Purge the blood with Helmbold’s extract” “and Military Maps”

“Wendell Philips” “the What is it?” “Who struck Billy Paterson”
“Can cure warts, corns and bunionswith” “the budget of fun”
:WILD’S lemon drops and” “carpet tacks” for forty cents a pound,
“The Iron clad Dictator” “Lucy Stone is” “ontward bound,”
“Grand sparring exhibition” “the Siamese twin’s will appear”
“Edwin Booth” “throws a soiersault on horseback” “in King Lear”
“Read the Nic-nax for December” “at Barnum’s Museum,”
“Sacred concert at the” “Coal yard,” “Miles O’Reiley’s dream.”

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