Dedicated to Joseph P. Drumm


Dedicated to Joseph P. Drumm,

Accept this little token, Joe,
As coming from a friend;
It is not embroidered for a show—
Its contents are to mend.
Sometimes your pants may drop, you know,
But search and you will find
Something to keep them up, good Joe.
“Buttons of every kind.”

Should care and trouble vex you, Joe,
Because your vest is old,
Don’t worry, but take it coolly, slow;
There are pawn shops where they’re sold
Even with all the buttons gone,
Just search and you will find
That once again it can be worn
With “Buttons of every kind.”

Though ragged be your shirt, dear Joe,
And full of dirt and holes,
At your good wife a sly glance throw
And fill her with cajoles;
Don’t rip and tear the old shirt then,
But search and you will find
Something to please as well as mend—
“Buttons of every kind.”

If all the buttons on your coat
Do drop off one by one
Don’t turn round and cut your throat,
They only drop for fun;
They know that they can be replaced,
For search and you will find
Something to suit most any taste—
“Buttons of every kind.”

Take care, then of this token, Joe;
Let Lulu have the charge,
For she’ll be with you where’er you go,
Even if it be on some seed barge,
For there the work is hard, dear friend,
But search and you will find
Something within your rage to mend—
“Buttons of every kind.”

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