Dupontifex Maximus


Dupontifex Maximus

THE ROOSEVELTS always get just what they want.
They first with John Lewis but marry Dupont.
Tax dodging is wrong, says the sage of Hyde Park,
As a second son weds Scudder, Stevens & Clark,
Which I for one know is an active concern
That helps me to save what I own or I earn.
And I know I’ve made money by taking their orders
When Treasury raiders came over my borders.
The whole situation’s distinctly unfair.
Millionairesses pant for a Roosevelt heir.
And no matter who howls and no matter who heckles,
Uncle Franklin’s still getting the votes and the shekels.
And the country may stumble and stagger and strike,
So long as the Roosevelts get what they like.

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  • Item ID
  • DCMI Type
    Still Image
  • Title
  • Creator
    L. B.
  • Illustrated
  • Extent
    23 cm x 16 cm
  • Genre
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