I Stood on the Shore



I Stood on the shore.

I stood on the shore, ‘midst the weeping and wailing
Of friends that were parting, it might be for ever..
They gave a loud cheer, when the good ship was sailing,
And wept, while the echo’s were dying away.
One bright face was laughing, while tears chased each other:
It was but an infant, whoso smile I saw there;
The babe bad its home on the breast of its mother:
But little it know of its mother’s despair!

That morn, to the wars went the husband and father:
The tears of the mother fell fast on the child:
I wept.. for, the drops in my own eyes would gather:
I spoke, and the infant looked upward and smiled..
I talked of old homes, and the deeds of proud story;
The wife thought of battles that yet were to come..
I said in my mind: They who fight for our glory,
Shall never have fear for the loved ones, at home!

And spoke not I the truth! Where’s the freeman who falters
To bear out the promise a nation has made?
If dear to our hearts are our homes and our altars..
Then, those that defend them, shall lose not our aid:
Humanity needs it. her pealings are holy;
And Justice demands that each man plays his part
We may not all fight: but the high and the lowly,
Like freeman can aid the cause we have at heart.

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