Johnny Bull and Brother Jonathan


J, WRIGLEY. Publisher, of Songs, Ballad’s, and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and Small Playing Cards, Alphabet Wood Blocks, Valentines, Motto Verses, and Cut Motto Paper &c. No. 27 Chatham Street (OPPOSITE CITY HALL PARK.) NEW YORK.

JOHNNY BULL AND Brother Jonathan.

Come sogers take your muskets up.
And grasp your faithful rifles;
We’re gwoin to lick the red coat men
Who call us Yankees “trifles.
Bring out the big gun made of brass,
Which forges July thunder,
Bring out the flag of Bennington,
And strike the foe with wonder.

We’ll lick the red coats any how,
And drive them from the border;
The doggers are awake and all,
Await the Gin’ral’s order;
Brittania shall not rule the Maine,
Nor shall she rule the water
They’ve sung the song, full long enough,
Much longer than they oughter.

The Aroostook’s a right slick stream,
Has a nation sight of woodlands
And hang the feller that would lose,
His footing on such good lands.
And all along the boundary line,
There’s pasturing for cattle
But where that line of boundary is,
We must decide by battle.

We do not care about the land,
But they shant hook it from us:
Our country, right or wrong we cry,
No budging or compromise;
So beat the sheepskin blow the fife,
And march in training order
Our way is through the wilderness,
And all along the border.

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