Love Thee?


CH. MAGNUS, No. 12 Frankfort Str., New. York.

Love Three?

Love thee? —so well, so tenderly
Thou’st loved, adored by me,
Fame, fortune, wealth, and liberty,
Were worthless without thee.
Though brimmed with blessings, pure and tate.
Life’s cup before me lay,
Unless thy love were mingled there,
I’d spurn the diaught away.
Love thee? —so well, so tenderly
Thou’st loved adored by me,
Fame fortune, wealth, and liberty,
Are worthless without thee.

Without thy smile the monarch’s lot
To me were dark and lone;
While, with it, ev’n the humblest cot
Were brighter than his throne.
Those worlds, for which the conqu’ror sighs,
For me would have no charms;
My only world thy gentle eyes—
My throne thy circling arms!
Oh, yes, so well, so tenderly
Thou’st loved, adored by me.
Whole realms of light and liberty
Were worthless without thee.

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