I'd Choose to be a Daisy


The music of this and the a thousand others can be procured at the extensive Music Store of Firth, Pond & Co., 547 Broadway, N. Y.

I’d Choose To Be A Aisy.

I’d choose to be a daisy,
If I might be a flower,
My petals closing softly
At twilight's quiet hour,
And waking in the morning
When falls the early dew,
To welcome heaven's bright sunshine,
And heaven's bright tear-drops too.

I love the gentle lily;
It looks so meek and fair;
But daisies I love better.
For they grow everywhere.
The lilies bloom so sadly,
In sunshine or in shower;
But daisies still look upward,
However dark the hour.
I'd choose to be a daisy, &c.

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