Tell Mother, I Die Happy


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

Tell Mother, I die happy,

I am dying, comrades dying,
As you hear me lightly tread
Soon ah soon I shall be lying
With the silent sleeping dead
I am dying comrades dying
Still the battle rages near,
Tell me are our foes a flying
I die happy mother dear.

Tell my mother I die happy,
That for me she must not weep,
Tell her how I long’d to kiss her,
Ere I sank in death to sleep.

I am going, comrades going,
See how damp my forehead’s now
Oh, I see the angels coming,
With bright garlands for my brow.
Bear this message to my mother,
How in death that God was near,
He to bless and to support me
I die happy mother dear.

Lay me comrades, ‘neath the willow,
That grows on the distant shore,
Wrap the starry flag around me,
I would press its folds once more.
Let the cold earth be my pillow
And the “Stars and Stripes” my shroud
Soon, oh soon I shall be marching,
Amid the heavenly crowd.

Published by S. T. Gordon, 538 Broadway.

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