Just Before the Battle, Mother


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 ,Frankfort St, N.Y.

Just before the Battle, Mother.

Just before the battle, Mother,
I am thinking most of you;
While upon the field we’re watching,
With the enemy in view.
Comrades brave are round me lying,
Fil’d with tho’ts of home and God;
For well they know, that on the morrow,
Some will sleep beneath the sod.

And the loving ones at home;
But, I’ll never leave our banner,
Till in honor I can come.
Tell the traitors, all around you,
That their cruel words, we know,
In ev’ry battle kill our soldiers
By the help they give the foe.

Hark? I hear the bugles sounding,
Tis the signal for the fight,
Now may God protect us, Mother,
As he ever does the right.
Hear the “Battle-Cry of Freedom”,
How it swells upon the air;
Oh, yes we’ll rally round the standard,
Or we’ll perish nobly there.

—Published by Root & Cady, 95 Clark St., Chicago.

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