Who Will Care for Micky Now?


Published by Cha Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N. Y.

Who Will Care for Micky now?

Arrah! Molly darlin’ I am drafted,
Sure I must for a soger go,
An’ lave you all alone behind me—
For to fight the rebel foe;
But be the powers me pluck is failin’
Big drops of swate rowl down me brow,
Och, millia murther! I am drafted,
Who will care for Micky now?

Arrah who will comfart me in sorrow,
Wid a drop of gin or beer,
Wash me dirty shirts an’ stockin’s;
Faix there is no one I fear;
Me feet are blistered wid the marchin—
Me knapsack makes me shoulders bow
Pork an’ crackers are me rations,
Who will care for Micky now?

Indade I miss me feather pillow
An’ bed on which I used to lie—
The pine planks make me feel uneasy,
If I had wings, och! wudn’t I fly:
But one of me legs is stiff dear,
Since I was kicked be Murphy’s cow
I’m afeard I niver can skadaddle,
Who will care for Micky now?

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