Let Me Kiss Him for His Mother


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St. N.Y.

Let Me Kiss Him For His Mother.

Let me kiss him for his mother,
Let me kiss his dear youthful brow;
I will love him for his Mother,
And seek her blessing now.
Kind friends have soothed his pillow,
Have watched his ev’ry care;
Beneath the weeping willow,
Oh lay him gently there.

Let me kiss him for his Mother,
What though left a lone stranger here;
She has loved him as none other,
I feel her blessing near.
Though cold that form lies sleeping,
Sweet angels watch around;
Dear friends are near thee we eping;
Oh lay him gently down.

Let me kiss him for his Mother,
Or perchance a fond sister dear,
If a father or a brother,
I know their blessings here.
Then kiss him for his Mother:
‘Twill soothe her after years;
Farewell, dear stranger, brother,
Our requiem, our tears.

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