I Am Dreaming of the Loved Ones


I Am Dreaming of the Loved Ones.

I am thinking of the lov’d ones,
That have pass’d from earth to heaven;
Of the silken bands of friendship,
Which by time’s rough hand were riv’n.
I am dreaming, fondly dreaming
Of the happy days of yore;
Of the joys that I have tasted,
Joys which I shall know no more.

Ah, my heart is fill’d with sorrow,
When I think upon the years
That have left some pleasant mem’ries,
But, alas, how many tears.
I have seen the fairest flowers
Blasted by the snows of fate;
Brightest hopes all torn and scattered,
Hearts, once glad, left desolate.

Oh, I daily pray to heaven,
That I soon shall be at rest,
With the cold earth for my pillow,
And the turf upon my breast;
Yes, I would that I were lying
In the cold and silent tomb,
There to rest till I awaken,
Where hope’s flowers forever bloom.

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