Stove-Pipe Volunteers


JOHNSON, Song Publisher, No. 7 N. Tenth Street

Stove-Pipe Volunteers

’Twas in the State of Maryland, not many years ago,
A company of volunteers were formed, and made a show;
Composed of Southern Chivalry, all gentlemen and peers,
I’ll now state why they were named the “Stove-pipe Volunteers.”

Now fishing there for oysters, against the law has been,
One day a Yankee vessel at raking them was seen;
The Sheriff soon was sent for, he shook with sudden fears,
Says he, “I think I’d best call out the Stove-pipe Volunteers.”

Those heroes were soon mustered and all fell into ranks,
And for their prompt attention received the Sheriff’s thanks;
Says he, “Behold the enemy!” the Stoveys gave some cheers,
And in a big batteau they rushed, these Stove-pipe Volunteers.”

The captain of the vessel, of men had but a few,
He very soon decided what he had better do;
Says he, “My men, be quiet, your captain has no fears,
He’ll show you how to frighten off these Stove-pipe Volunteers.”

The batteau with the Stove-pipes was quickly drawing nigh,
The Yankee captain watched them with mischief in his eye;
He took a piece of Stove-pipe all black with rust and years,
He mounted it and aimed it at those gallant Volunteers.

A blazing brand of fire-wood he flourished in his hand,
Which brought the boat of soldiers unto a Sudden stand;
The Sheriff’s teeth did rattle, each Stovey had his fears,
They damned the Sheriff and he cursed the Stove-pipe Volunteers.

“Batteau, ahoy!” the Yankee cried, “be careful how you go,
Or by the great Jerusalem, I’ll send you all below;”
He thrust the brand into this pipe, his men then gave a cheer,
Then quickly overboard did jump each valiant Volunteer.

The brave old Sheriff took the lead and struck out for the shore,
Such diving and fast swimming you never seen before;
The Yankee captain then made sail, his men rang out three cheers,
And dubbed this bully company, “The Stove pipe Volunteers.”

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