There Never Was a Coward Where the Shamrock Grows


A.W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER $#38; PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

There Never Was A Coward Where The Shamrock Grows

Let cowardly slanders say what they may
Against the dear land of my birth,
But I will maintain, in spite of all foes,
It’s the dearest green spot on this earth,
Some say we are cowards and fit for naught else
But drinking our home-made potheen,
But I’ll throw back that villainous lie in their face—
We’re as brave as the shamrock is green.

Tho’ oppressed and insulted for hundreds of years,
By the foe who once conquered them, they
Have left us the courage our forefathers had,
For that they cannot take away.
They kept learning from us, stole all we held dear,
And crushed us till others cried shame;
But in spite of it all we have struggled to lerrn
That courage and wit are the same.

A.W. AUNER’S CARD AND JOB PRINTING ROOMS, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

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