Who Will Care for niggers now?


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Who will care for niggers now?

List to me, plantation niggers,
As I in dis mud-hole lie;
Though I feel starvation’s rigors
Let me say a word, and die..
Niggers, does dis look like Freedom?
I can’t see it any how;
Blacks are fools, and white folks lead ’em:
But who cares for niggers now?

Some say nigger’s good as white folk,
Gizzard foot and Ebo shin!
Don’t beliebe it, ’tis a tight joke —
Hands me.. but you can’t come in..
Well you libed on old plantation,
Earning, wid a sweating brow.
Plenty clothes and plenty ration!

White folks say dey gib us Freedom;
What dey gib is all my eye:
Free to suffer, free to languish.
Free to starve, and free to die..
No potato, corn-cake, bacon,
We must to starvation bow;
If dis Freedom. I’s mistaken—

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